How To Find Summer Intern Housing

How to Find Summer Intern Housing - Group of Kids Looking over a laptop together

During your experience as a student in higher education, it is important to set goals and seize as many opportunities as possible to help your chances of landing a dream job post-graduation. One experience that comes highly recommended, and is a great resume builder, too, is to intern with a company in your desired field of work. 

Many students choose to dedicate the summer months to securing an internship in a new city - living, working, and exploring. Most students aren't sure where to start with this process, so our Intern Housing Hub team created a helpful infographic to guide you in each step of the way. A Guide to Finding Intern Housing Infographic

First, you'll want to identify any internship opportunities that interest you.


Second, you'll want to prepare your resume and appropriate documentation for applying to any internship.


Third, after preparing all of your paperwork, you will then apply to all internship opportunities available to you. 


Next, you will go through an interview process. Some companies have multiple rounds of interviews, check out interview tips from our friends at Intern Queen.


Then, after accepting an internship position, you need to find summer housing accommodations. That's where Intern Housing Hub comes in, and we make it easy - and our website is completely FREE for you to use!


Next, choose a property (or more than one) from our city pages of intern housing properties and apply to each property through our secure Intern Housing Hub application process. This is 100% FREE to you.


Last, but not least, the property will contact you to book your length of stay. 


Best of luck with your new adventure, and don't forget to click here to view our list of property locations in the U.S. and Canada.

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