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Finding the Right Intern Housing in Seattle 


For many students looking for intern housing options in Seattle, WA, spring and summer internships mean living away from home and finding a place to stay. If you’re looking for intern housing in the larger Seattle area, there are some key features you should look for to make sure you have a comfortable, convenient space. Let’s take a look at what these features are and how they can help you find the perfect intern housing. 


Intern Housing Location is Key In Seattle

The location of your intern housing can make or break your experience. Living in the right area will give you access to all the amenities and activities that Seattle has to offer and also put you close enough to your internship. Look for a central location that is within walking distance of shops, restaurants, museums, public transportation, and other attractions. Additionally, being close to green spaces like parks can help keep you active during your internship. 


Seattle Based Intern Amenities You Need 

When it comes to intern housing in Seattle, the amenities offered by potential properties should be high on your list of considerations. While things like Wi-Fi, parking availability, laundry facilities, and kitchen appliances are important for any intern housing option — interns may want to prioritize certain amenities over others. For example, having access to a study lounge or co-working space could be especially useful if you need an area where you can work outside of your internship hours without distractions or noise. Additionally, entertainment spaces like gaming lounges or movie rooms might come in handy if you need a break from studying or working long days at your internship.  


Making Sure You’re Safe in Seattle During Your Internship

Safety is always a priority when choosing an apartment or house but it’s especially important when considering options for intern housing in Seattle since potential renters won’t be familiar with the city yet or have time to explore different areas before they move in. Check out the security features offered by each property—including whether they have cameras around common areas—as well as safety reports online about each neighborhood before making any decisions about possible intern housing options in Seattle.


Choose The Right Size Space With Intern Housing

The size of your space should also take priority when deciding on intern housing in Seattle. Think about how much storage space will be necessary for all of your belongings and if each room will have its own closet or cupboard area. Pay attention to details like ceiling height and number of windows too; if the apartment has low ceilings or few windows then natural light could become an issue over time! Finally, make sure that the space is big enough for more than just yourself; having roommates can help reduce overall costs but having too many people living together can cause issues down the road if not managed properly from day one!  

With so many factors to consider when finding intern housing in Seattle—location matters just as much as amenities and safety—it’s important that potential renters do their research first before committing to any one particular option. 


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