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Skyline of Colorado Springs, CO at dusk

Two people walking beneath a tree with yellow leaves on the Colorado College campus
Colorado College
14 E Cache La Poudre Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903-3298

Located just a few blocks north of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado College is nestled near the foot of Pikes Peak and the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Our 90-acre, pedestrian-friendly campus is home to more than 1,665 trees and 20 separate gardens, providing a peaceful and serene landscape for students, faculty, and staff that occupy campus during the summer months.  Each summer, we welcome interns from around that world that need housing… READ MORE
  Check-In: 06/01/2024
    Check-Out: 07/31/2024

Discover Affordable Summer Intern Housing in Colorado Springs

Why Colorado Springs, CO is the Ideal City for Internships

Summer Living Meets Peak Adventure brings you the allure of the Rocky Mountains with a cozy yet vibrant selection of summer intern housing solutions designed specifically with you in mind. Our platform is tailored to the unique needs of interns, with one clear objective: to provide a seamless, affordable, internship housing experience amidst the stunning backdrop of Colorado Springs.

Embarking on an internship in a new place is already a whirlwind—why not simplify your stay, save some cash, and make some great memories along the way?

Find Your Colorado "Suite" Spot

Intern Housing Hub hosts a range of housing options, from residence hall housing to on-campus apartments and suites. Most housing options that are conveniently located in the heart of the city, ensuring your summer living quarters are as inviting as the work experiences that await you. Lucky for you, Colorado Springs, surrounded by the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, provides an unparalleled backdrop for your summer internship. The city's natural beauty not only offers a serene environment for focused work but also serves as a source of inspiration and relaxation. Imagine waking up to stunning mountain views and ending your workday with a hike or a stroll in one of the nearby parks. Talk about Instagram-worthy photo ops!

Innovation Hub and Professional Growth

Colorado Springs isn't just a picturesque destination; it's a hub of innovation and professional growth. Whether you're interning at a local startup, contributing to a nonprofit's cause, or honing your skills at a top-tier corporate office, the city offers diverse opportunities for personal and professional development. Many great companies call Colorado Springs home, and with a summer internship around the corner, we know you'll be excited to call Colorado Springs your home away from home!

Get Started on Your Search for Intern Housing in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs offers more than postcard-worthy scenery. It's a hub of innovation and a gateway to professional growth. Don't let housing hassles put a damper on your summer adventure. Start your free search at and find the perfect summer pad at a price that won’t break the intern bank. Browse our curated listings, submit your application, and secure your dream internship housing in Colorado Springs, CO. Let's get started!



Below is a list of companies that are popular for summer internships in Colorado Springs:



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