University of Miami for Summer Intern Housing

University of Miami in Miami, Florida

No matter what you are majoring in college or even how much fun you’re having, you can’t get away from thinking about what comes right after graduation. The hard work, the exams, the papers, the studying, the new people you meet, and yes, even the parties are all about preparing you for your future. And, ultimately, that future is all about your career path.

A major piece to this preparation is including a professional internship at some point during your time at school. No matter what your field of study is or what you would like your career to be, every prospective employer, even for entry-level positions, prefers to hire someone with real life industry experience who they can rely on and who doesn’t require extensive training. This is why internships, even unpaid ones, are so coveted and why there is so much competition in securing one. Internships show an employer that even though you are a new graduate, you have real, professional experience and that gives you an extra edge in landing that dream job after graduation.

Miami, Florida as a Popular Internship Location

Miami, Florida is a hotbed of professional internship opportunities for all kinds of fields. It’s why students from all over the country choose to explore Miami’s booming business community when applying for internships. But after the cover letters, resumes, interviews, telephone calls, and thank you notes have all been completed and that life changing internship start date is finally confirmed, one looming question still remains: Where are you going to live?

And this is where the real work begins – but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Students who are interning with companies in the Miami, Florida area have a seamless option: the University of Miami in beautiful Coral Gables, FL. The University of Miami offers a convenient Summer Intern Housing Program that makes it easy for summer interns to concentrate on excelling at their professional job without worrying about furnishing a room or finding a lease/sublet for the summer.

University of Miami Offers Summer Intern Housing Programs

The University of Miami Summer Intern Housing Program provides attractively priced, comfortably furnished room accommodations in a variety of style options including hotel-like, residence halls, suites, or apartments. Private and shared bathroom types are both available. Premium cable and internet are included, and flexible stays run from 14 Days up to the maximum of 77 days.

The University of Miami also offers plenty of opportunities for summer interns to rejuvenate and recharge after a full day of interning. Interns have access to the university’s Herbert Wellness Center with Fitness Centers, pool, and other amenities. Engaging events and activities are also offered through the university allowing for thoughtful exploration of Miami and surrounding areas.

But perhaps best of all, summer interns living at University of Miami will have the valuable opportunity to meet other fellow interns from across the country and from all walks of life creating lifelong personal and professional networks. All while sharing a supportive and educational living environment focused on their success.

The University of Miami is minutes from the Metrorail and central to US-1, making it extremely convenient for interns to easily commute to their job on time and ready to make that first big impression. Campus parking is also available.

Don’t let the hassle of finding suitable housing sidetrack your accomplishment of finding professional internships in the Miami area. Find out more: Contact the University of Miami Summer Intern Housing Program at or visit their intern housing profile

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