How to Attract Your Ideal Client and Fill Unused Accommodations

Intern Housing Apartment - Attract Your Ideal Client and Fill Unused Accommodations

Are you a university or college constantly going through the housing cycle every week to accommodate larger groups for conferences, meetings, or retreats during the summer? When a university offers intern housing, this constant turnover dwindles to only once or twice per summer – creating a higher profit margin and less stress on the university employees. During our last webinar, we welcomed Richie Kenny, Director of Conference Services for the University of Miami. He discussed a three-step process while offering recommendations for universities and colleges to utilize when they begin the intern housing program.

This three-step process is a simple business method which companies use to increase sales on their product, which is exactly what universities need to do to attract interns to live on their campus. The three steps are awareness, intention, and conversion. By using this method, universities will have a better chance of attracting summer interns to their campuses.


First universities need to generate awareness. Ask yourself the following questions about your intern housing situation:

  • What does our university provide?
    • Apartment style, community style, etc.
  • Where do we provide it?
    • How far away is the business district? Are we near railways or the airport?
  • Who are we providing it for?
    • Current students, recent graduates, etc.
  • How much does it cost?
    • How much does it cost to run your program? What cost per night offers a profit?

After you have thought about those questions, put the answers into action:

  • Update your website.
  • Target ads for employers AND individuals in your area.
    • Employers: “Hiring interns? Recommend us!”
    • Individuals: “Interning in X city? Stay with us!”
  • Increase your social media presence on LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Connect with career centers across the country.

Location, Location, Location:

The employment market shows that internships happen just about everywhere. Whether your property is in a popular destination for interns like Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, or in a smaller location, like Indianapolis, Richmond, or Des Moines, demand for short-term housing from relocating interns is there. Here are some tips to market your location to interns:

  • List your property on
  • Promote your amenities on campus (think on-site dining, fitness facilities, washers/dryers, etc.).
  • Promote local attractions, things to do, and nightlife.

Intent to Purchase:

Now that potential students know you exist, lean in and connect with them through the following ways:

  • Highlight experiences that you provide.
  • Help them understand the benefits.
    • Why is staying in this location so great?

Now put your answers into action:

  • Set up meetings with local businesses that would serve as networking connections.
  • Hold information sessions for individuals coming to your area.
    • Where should they stay and why? What do the different areas of the city provide?
  • Promote the “out of office” experiences you provide.
    • Examples include: tours of the city, trips to baseball games, museums, etc.


The last step in this process is the most important – conversion, when interns choose to utilize your university as their summer housing. Here’s three steps to help you do this:

  • Build the bridge
    • If someone begins an application, contact them to find out why they didn’t continue and offer a solution.
  • Remove the stops
    • Make it EASY to stay with you – simple to fill out your application, all the links work, etc.
  • Answer the “yes, but…”
    • Be as accommodating as possible.

In the end, it’s all about helping students have the best experience they can while interning.

To learn more about attracting your ideal client and filling unused accommodations, watch the full educational webinar by clicking here.
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